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Line progression worries

Hello I was worried about the progression of my tests. I did take tests on 13/14 dpo but they was so faint it got me so stressed out I was having another miscarriage. I stopped testing for the weekend and yesterdays morning test was stronger then what I thought. 

what do we all think to my progression ? Considering there’s 5 days inbetween 17dpo and 12dpo 

gp won’t do bloods in uk unless you have 3 consecutive miscarriages and I had my son inbetween my miscarriages so they won’t see me ! 

the anxiety is driving me insane 

please advise 😩


  • Hi @RubyTownendx, is your pregnancy progressing well since this post? 

    I’m in a similar boat with the easy@home tests 😕

    I got my first BFP on Sunday just gone and yesterdays test was no darker and todays is only a tiny bit darker. 

    Hope you’re ok! 

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