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Quick question, I'm a first time mum and last Friday we did a test and found out were pregnant! On the Saturday I did a digital one to be sure and it came back pregnant 1-2. I rang the midwife and they put me at 3-4 weeks going off the date of my last period, but today I did another digital test (8 days after the first) and it still puts me at 1-2. How far along would you say I am? Thanks for the help!!


  • Digitals always take longer to detect more hcg, I’d say you were about 4/5 weeks like doctor said but I wouldn’t set your mind on it until you have a dating scan or an early scan which can work out roughly how far.. but I kept getting 1-2 on a digital for a while, when I was 4/5 weeks pregnant, my little girl is now almost 3 xx
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