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Breech baby advice

Anyone been told baby is breech and been able to get them to turn if so how please I am 31 wks possibly having lil man at 37wks due to health issues and I got to get him turned!! C section is really something trying to avoid as I have to go for surgery not long after he is born x


  • Drink something fizzy(orange lucozade)? and lay on your side, and rub the side of your belly that’s facing up, in a circular motion, do this for about 10-15 minutes, it should encourage baby to move around if not repeat it a few times, and if it still don’t work.. your baby is stubborn lol, I hope all goes well xx
  • Haha will try this thank you! Xx
  • Still breech have to go in in 2 weeks to have him turned 😢x
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