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So thankful to my friend James for helping me get through my pregnancy journey as a single parent

Hi all,

I previously posted here before under a different profile but as a bit of background I fell pregnant earlier this year aged 19. The father wanted nothing to do with the pregnancy and very quickly disappeared from the scene. One of best friends from school, James, has been so supportive and helpful throughout everything with volunteering to go to classes with me and providing a shoulder to cry on when needed.

My GP recommended a breast feeding Zoom class to help get ready and get myself prepared for breastfeeding. The class yesterday involved an interactive element of hand expression where we all put to use some of the techniques that we were being taught by our lovely teacher Sarah :)

Whilst it was a class I was looking forward to I was very nervous about exposing my breasts on camera. I know it was a big ask of him, but I asked James if he would be ok sitting in the same room with me to offer some moral support whilst I did the class in a 100% platonic way. Honestly it was so amazing to have a friend there to support me through this and I ended up loving the class and making new friends :) he gave me a reassuring smile, told silly jokes and did some silly karaoke to make me relax and put a smile on my face!

I'm so lucky to have such a great friend and I would highly recommend to anyone who is struggling with their confidence then please reach out and ask a friend to accompany you to appointments etc where you may have to expose yourself - the moral support is amazing!

As a big thank-you to James he is coming around the flat this evening to watch I'm a Celeb and I'm treating us both to a Nandos :)

Here is a snip I of a screenshot I took during the class.

Hannah x

rbreastfeedingsupport - So thankful to my friend James for helping me get through my pregnancy journey as a soon to be single mum

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