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Severe Swelling feet/ankles/knees & face

for 3 weeks now I have had severe swelling of my feet MW tested for pre eclampsia and was negative so thought that’s fine and carry on. It’s worse now I wake up they are just as swollen as before I went to bed and for the past 3 days I wake up with such a swollen face until midday too. When I say severely swollen I mean queen bee and her tribe have stung me overnight and I can barely open my eyes. As for the bottom half of me it’s my toes, ankles, calves, up to my knees. My midwife says to keep them raised and rotate however they are that swollen they can’t rotate. If I press on them it leaves an indent and they feel like they’re going to burst, they’re so heavy by the afternoon I can’t bend my legs or even lift my legs to walk. I’m a healthy size 8 non pregnancy and and still healthy now being pregnant with a normal sized baby bump. I am 31 weeks pregnant now so I understand I’m going to swell but this is abnormal. Has anyone had bloods come back ok, and urine and BP And experienced this. I trust my midwife that I’m ok and healthy I’m just worried now as it’s now visible in my face and looks concerning. I’ve had an easy ride with pregnancy so far so I shouldn’t complain I just want reassurance I am ok and there’s not something else I may be missing. Any help advice to make them less uncomfortable would be greatly appreciated. Thanks all ! 
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