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16 week ante natal appointment?

Hi lovely people.

Just a bit of advice really, went for my 16 week appointment today, but I'm nearly 19 weeks! As they 'couldnt fit me in' Midwife is only at the doctors once a week every Fortnight.

She didn't do my blood pressure, test urine, didn't do anything really I got a blood form for 25 weeks appt and that's it. It says you listen to baby with Doppler on the appt sheet, she said she might not be able to find her heartbeat so she's not going to, even though I've got an at home one and I can find her heartbeat!

I went back in after as I walked out concerned, she was calling the next woman in, I said shouldn't I have had my blood pressure done and urine test done then? She said no my OBS look fine, I haven't had any observations! Not had blood pressure or urine test done since 10 week appt 2 months ago!

What do you all think, just after people's experiences, should I be phoning the doctors back? Xx

TIA xxxx


  • Hi, 

    Oh that sounds a bit strange to me :/ I can understand why you are thinking about phoning them. 

    I had my 16 week app recently and they did blood pressure and urine checks. With my son 2 years ago I'm sure they listened for the heartbeat so when I asked if they were doing that too she said they don't now until the 25 week app. But I would have thought that they definitely should have done your BP and urine :/

    I think if it was me I would phone xx
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