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28 weeks head measuring small as well as overall small baby

Hi I went for a growth scan yesterday at exactly 28 weeks pregnant. For a bit of background I had a little boy 2 years ago who midwives measured as 8lbs odd from fundal height but he was born on the 3rd centile and has always been a small child ever since. Although his birth weight was 6lbs 9oz which I think is a healthy weight

So went for scan yesterday and her head (it's a little girl) is just under the 3rd centile and measuring at 26 weeks gestational age and her femur and abdomen are at 27 weeks gestational age.

I'm being referred to fetal medicine at a hospital 2 hours away from home for a scan as they don't have one in my area at all 
And having another scan at my hospital in 2 weeks as well 

Is there anyone who could give me any advice, maybe gone through similar or has some experience with it.

My consultant mentioned about making it to 37 weeks. Am I likely to be induced??

I know that people on here aren't doctors but a friendly bit of advice from another mum in a similar situation or has gone through it would be really nice 

Thank you 😊 
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