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Due in September 2023

Hi,im 4 weeks 3 days pregnant.due in september 30th


  • This is going to be my third.i have 2 daughters.5years old and 11months old.
  • Congratulations @LaraShellyLayza

      I'm 5 weeks + 3. 
    Noticed some light spotting last night. Had noting all day until now this time pink/ brownish discharge. 
    I hope this isn't another miscarriage. I had a Miscarriage at 5 weeks when we where trying for our second baby, I got pregnant again and had a healthy baby boy. 
    Just feels likes it's happening again 😔

    I'm booked in for an early scan at the hospital on Friday when I'm 6 weeks but feels forever away. I had going to the toilet incase I see more 😔
  • Hi I'm 6+6 with number 2 although is my fourth pregnancy. Due date around 15th September. Got an early scan next week. 
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