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Are on and off (over 1 week) cramps and lower stomach/hip aches normal around week 3-4 of pregnancy?

edited Feb 22, 2023 11:00AM in Pregnancy
I found out I was pregnant last week as I felt nauseous so took a test - and then another one a few days later to be safe! My nausea is only very mild and comes and goes, often aligned to stomach cramps. I'm also getting period like aches in my lower stomach and pretty evenly on both sides - sort of just in from my hips and occasionally up my sides. They're pretty mild and more like dull aches. I also get the odd more noticeable twinge, but I'm told that's normal and they never last long. I know cramps are normal, but my concern is that it's been over a week now of them coming and going. They seem to be partly linked to when I need the toilet or eat too much, but the last 12 hours or so have been pretty consistent. I'm also technically due on my period today, so weird it's timed to that point - but it's a different feeling and I haven't had any blood. They're not getting worse or really painful, and they're not down one side so I don't think it's ectopic. I know your body is going through lots of changes so I'm trying to rationalise, but I've never heard of aches like this sticking around for so long - but maybe no one's ever given me the details of their early pregnancy symptoms! I spoke to the doctor and she said she'll try to get me in for a 6 week early scan (as I had a miscarriage back in 2019 - with a different partner), but as it's so early there's not much she can do. I just wondered if anyone else has experienced this kind of thing, or whether it is a bad sign and I should follow up? Thanks everyone!


  • Sounds like normal cramping from early pregnancy. I was nervous about the same thing at the same time period. 
  • Mary-Lou I’m in the same boat as you! I’ve just found out I’m pregnant (after experiencing a miscarriage last year) so feel really nervous about these cramps. Hopefully they are all normal 🤞🏻

  • They typically are normal however since you did miscarry previously I would definitely get to the ob/gyn asap better safe than sorry I would insist the dr see you immediately or if they get worse go to the nearest er.  I have had 4 children naturally and experienced the cramping but as I said given you previously miscarried I would not take any chances 
  • Thank you all and @NatalieC6 I hope you are ok
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