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Ovulation and due date help!

Hi 👋🏼,
please can somebody help me before I go google crazy. 
I’ve had a positive test but I’m struggling to understand the timings, they just don’t make sense to me. 
- I have irregular cycles usually 32-40 days. 
-I had an LH surge on 22nd May. 
- I had a normal period on 2nd June until 7th June (that was a 31 day cycle). 
-7th June I had my Copper IUD removed. 

- On the 14th June I started having pregnancy symptoms and faint lines on tests. 
-15th and 16th had constant pelvic pain into my lower back, almost definitely implantation pain (no bleeding). 
-16th positive test. 

I’m having nausea, swollen boobs, bloating, irritability. 
But I just can’t figure out how many weeks pregnant I am given that I had my normal period. Did I get pregnant on my period or just after? I don’t see how given my cycles are usually long (never below 31 days). 
Worried I might have something wrong with me. 
Thank you for helping 😊 xxx

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