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Just feeling anxious

I've never done these forums before. I've found out I'm 5 weeks into what would be 3rd pregnancy 1 daughter (6years) and a loss 2 years ago. So 5 positive tests later after being told I wouldn't be able to conceive again due to fertility issues I just feel very anxious about it all going wrong. With my daughter I had all the symptoms sickness, heart burn for cravings everything. This time round I have breast tenderness, some food aversion or not feeling hungry and nausea without vomiting. But I just keep thinking it's all going to go wrong. I've booked an early scan for 2 weeks time and I'm just wondering how others cope with anxiety or any other experiences so I dont totally feel alone. Thanks 


  • I'm also new to the forum.
    I joined today.

    Anxiety in pregnancy is very real.

    I do breathing exercises to keep me calm.
    I do my best to focus on the now and not fall into the what if mode.

    Listen to calming music watch something that gives you the feel good feelings.

    Take it one day at a time you got this. 🙌

    All the best wishing you a safe and blessed pregnancy. 🤗

  • Do the exercises, try to feel your breath it will make you calm.
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