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Scared and confused

Hi ladies,

I'm 38yr  1st pregnancy. 17 weeks 3 days pregnant. At my 13week scan they said the NT was abnormally high.
I met with a genetic councillor and the NIPT test was recommended as my NT was a strong marker even though I didn't have any of the other markers . My age also put me in a higher risk category. I got my NIPT results back and I'm in the clear re the common Trisomy,downs syndromes.

I went for a scan now at 17 weeks to check that the NT had gone down or was the same or had increased. We were initially told if it's more then that is cause for further testing.

At my 17week scan it was mentioned fluid abit high back of skull into the shoulder blade.

Cystic hygroma...something like that.
This Dr was very callous and harsh.
I'm now seeking an alternate doc and a 2nd opinion.

With my 13 week scan the gynae first said the organs were all in the wrong place was immediately sent to a specialist who proved that wrong.

I gave my current gynae benefit of the doubt even though he had traumatised me at my 13week scan. Now at my 17week scan he did the unthinkable said he only wanted to scan me earlier than the normal routine scan to see if the baby was dead 😳😨😭

I left that scan confused and hurt not knowing what to do next or how my baby is...

Now I need to search for another gynae...

My mental health has really taken a knock due to all of this.

Have any of you ladies had to change gynaecologist...or been misdiagnosed...

This gynaecologist has made being pregnant traumatic...🥺

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