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Due in june 2024

Hi everyone 
Just wondered if anyone is due in june 2024
I've been checking in and not seen nothing so thought I would start 
This is my 3rd time of joining made for mums 
I have 4 children 
Eldest will be 23 next month boy
2nd eldest 19 this month boy
3rd eldest is 7 boy
Youngest is 3 girl 
I never joined with my first two only my last two 
And after my daughter I become pregnant with twins which very sadly lost at 22 weeks a girl and boy due to massive placenta abruption I basically died lost 50 pints of blood (5 blood transfusions) on life support for 3 days but here I am 
That will be 2 and half yrs next month 
And prior to this 3 weeks before I lost my twins I lost my sister in law of 23 years to breast cancer so my family has gone through a really tough time 
We've not told anyone we're pregnant again as you can imagine we're very nervous 😬 
Not quite sure on my due date as not had scan yet but going by my last period it's estimated 29th June 
So I just wondered if there was anyone who I can share this journey with 
It would be lovely to hear someone else's story and be a good support for each other 
Hopefully someone will pop up 
Much love ❤️ xx 


  • Welcome back pearl16 - and congratulations!
    So nice to see your name pop up!
  • And gosh, you've been through the mill. I'm so sorry.
  • Hi Helen 
    Thanks for popping up yh I definitely have 
    I'm 40 now so definitely an older mum lol but I'm doing really well nervous as you can imagine 
    This will definitely be our last bubba and I just can't wait to have my scan if I can fit an early private one in then I will and cannot wait to share it 😊 
    Much love ❤️ 
  • Had my private scan I'm 8 weeks everything looks good 
    Good strong heartbeat 
  • Oh that's brilliant news!  :)
  • I have my first midwife appointment on Wednesday afternoon 
    No morning sickness what so ever 
    But big acne break out 
    On the count down for my 12 week scan now 
  • Hope all goes well today with the appointment. 
    Sorry about the acne - but I think I'd take that over morning sickness :)
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