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Any hope of seeing something on the scan?

Hi guys, I'm about 6 weeks 1 days now (according to my dates not my period dates). Had a few scans over the last few weeks which just showed a gestational sac and nothing else, but each time it has grown so they've always said it was 'too early to tell'.

I came back from another scan yesterday (my 6 week scan) and there was still nothing inside the sac. The sac had grown though and was measuring 12x9x7mm (9.3mm mean) - last week at 5weeks 1 day it was 4.7x3.7x4.7mm with a 4.4mm mean.

My doctor said she didn't want to give me false hope but it's looking likely to not progress but am going back next Tuesday to see if it is another miscarriage or if something magically appears.

I have read of a few people that have seen something more around the 7 week mark but also a lot who have ended up with a missed miscarriage. I know no amount of reading will change the outcome but I've got 6 days to wait and feel like I'm going mad knowing if something is going to grow or not :( has anyone had an experience like this that they can share plz?

Not holding out too much hope as I feel like I'm losing symptoms, I know this can happen in pregnancy but with just a sac at 6 weeks It's not looking great.

This journey is so hard. This will potentially be my 2nd missed miscarriage alongside 3 chemicals and 2 ectopics - feels like my body will never get this right!
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