preganant again after 2 miscarrages very nervous!

:\) Hi everybody never joined in on a chat before. Just hoping that somebody out there is having the same feelings as me right now. I had a miscarrage in 2005 and then another April of this year so devestated both times. Started trying straight away for another baby and i am currently 7 weeks pregnant. I am just terrified that the same is going to happen again but really happy at the same time. Just don't feel that i can enjoy it yet until i have had my scan and know everything is ok. My last MC was picked up on a scan at 11wks so just counting days until scan but really nervous that they are going to tell me the same thing again. Does anyone have any advice.xx


  • Hi
    Keep that PMA going ! Rest up and take it easy and update us after your scan. (have you asked for an early scan at 8 weeks!)

    Good luck

  • Thanks i am trying to be positive but some days it is harder than others. I have asked about an early scan but they say that if i have an early scan that it counts as my dating scan and then i won't get another until 20wks which is really rubbish so just got to wait it is really anoying though because they don't know how bad the waiting is! I will keep you posted when i have had my scan.x
  • You could always have a private scan - they cost about ??100 but I think that's well worth it for peace of mind.

    I'll definitely be going for when when the time comes.

    Congratulations and stay positive!

    B x
  • I would make a bit more of a fuss about having an early sacn as awell as at 12 weeks. I just MC and wasn't given a scan twice at the hospital as there was nobody to do it on a Sunday!! I really wish I had made a fuss.....

    I know when the time comes to have a an early scan to check I will.....

    Try and relax and enjoy it hunni and Congratulations xxxx
  • Congratulations! I know how you feel, I have had two mcs and am now pregnant again.

    The first few weeks are very nerve wracking, but once you get through that you will start to relax a bit Im sure.

    Hope everything goes well for you

    9+3 xx
  • Congratulations to you, I found out last week that I am pregnant. I miscarried in April and had an ectopic pregnancy in June.

    I so know where you are coming from as I daren't tell anyone in case im getting my hopes up only to be dashed!

    Take care and rest up. Vx

    I am getting a scan on Tuesday.
  • Hi

    Quick tip - I had previous MC and was also told couldn't have an early scan by one GP so next time I say someone else and just said I had no idea of my dates and with my history thats easy to believe so they had to do a dating scan ( which I planned for 8 weeks so could see heart beat! ) and still got my twelve week x

    Good luck everyone!
  • Congrats!!!!!:lol:

  • Congratulations hun, sending you lots of sticky baby dust x
  • Thanks for all your thoughts. I rang GP just before christmas and asked for early scan and EPAU said no because i wasn,t having any symptoms of M/C so really fed up.x

  • I have decided to go for a private scan but everywhere appears to be closed for christmas hols. so hopefully will see if little one is ok soon.x
  • Good news managed to get an appointment tommorow for a private scan so fingers crossed this time tommorow i will feel alot less worried. Really nervous about it but excited aswell. Good luck to cambrook for your scan tommorow.x

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  • thats great hun, big hugs for tmrw...keep us posted x

  • Hi everyone

    Good news had scan on Tuesday and saw a little dot with a heartbeat! it was great i felt sure it was going to be bad news but i feel alot better now just counting the days until i can see him or her again at 12 wks. Does anyone else have any news?x
  • Thats great news hun, sending you a great big hun and lots of sticky baby dust x
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