Ectopic Symtoms-Hope you don't mind

Hello to everyone here

I was just wondering if anyone would'nt mind telling me what their ectopic symptoms were? in particular in relation to shoulder pain as I have read on many sites that this is one of the signs? has anyone here had this?
where exactly on the shoulder, how far gone you were? and the type of pain?

Thank youxxxx


  • shoulder pain is a symptom of miscarriage, eptopic is pain in the abdo/fallopian tube area, almost doubling up in pain,

    if in doubt hun, you need to get to the docs or hospital asap!
  • Shoulder pain is a serious indictor of a ruputed ectopic. I had it at 8/9 weeks and the nurse's were very concerned, infact took me straight to a bed and asked me to wait for a consultant and a scan, However before this came the bleeding, and awful pain in the side. The shoulder pain felt like a ache under my shoulder, sort of above me arm pit, sorry its hard to describe, but you'll know if youve got it, if they expained it properly its cos the fluid flows up and is an irritatant. (its worse ovbiously laying down) I hope this helps, good luck.

    Gem x
  • I had an ectopic at 8wks but had no shoulder tip pain what so ever. I didn't even know i was pregnant - looking back we were so naive but we did the a test when AF was a wk late & it came back -ive. So we assumed it was correct.
    At 8 wks i was rushed into theatre with a ruptured tube and serious internal bleeding.

    If you think that something isn't right, go straight to the hospital - dont hang around. x
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