I'm having a battle of wills here and really need some clarity.

I'm 7 weeks pregnant and went to the doctor last week to have a general chat about pregnancy.

Doc told me all the things that I can and can't eat including mayo. I had spent the whole of that week having my usual cheese and mayo with salad sandwich for lunch.

I'm trying to be good - really I am. But I just want to know if hellmans mayo would have fresh eggs in it as I really want a cheese and mayo sandwich.

My lunch is always cheese and mayo with salad and I'm finding it hard to adapt to something else.



  • not easy is it ,you feel bombarded with all sorts of advice,how our grannies and moms got through ill never know. but i suppose its the risk of listeria etc that and bad food hygeine prep thats propmted this. i dont know of a substitiute but is there anything else youd like?.im sorry not much help but we are all in same boat what exactly can we do. i think at this stage from all advice etc the only safe bet (if you think everything is out to harm you) is to go into suspended animation for forty weeks.anyway i just take things in moderation ,i was not perfect the first three times, miss absolute perfect last time but hey ho, this time im just GOING TO USE COMMON SENSE. im stopping reading every piece of scare mongering. being happy and doing your thing will be the biggest help to you. hope you enjoy your preg thats vitalxxxxx
  • hellmans mayo is absouloutely fine, as is most shop bought mayo as it's made with pasturised egg, as long as it say's it's made with pasturised egg it's fine. So feel free to enjoy your cheese and mayo sandwich
    35 weeks today
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