Lilou - did you go for scan?

Hi hun, hope you're ok. Thinking of you. xxx


  • Hi Baby B,
    Thanks for asking after me! After reading yours and others posts saying they felt more -ve after an early scan and seeing nothing we decided to try and hold out for a few more days. Definately having one on Tuesday if not Monday. And the good news is I have had a bit of queasiness and bile rising (TMI soory!) and my bloated tummy is starting to reappear (never thought that would be a +ve!) so I am hoping everything is still ok...or so I tell myself, PMA and all!
    Thanks again for asking and fingers crossed for next week. How are you feeling?
    Lilou x
  • Hi flower, I'm so pleased to hear you have your symptoms back, it's so reassuring. I have absolutely everything crossed that all is well with bean on Tuesday, will be thinking of you and will be looking out for your post, take care xxxxxxxx
  • Hi hun, the waiting is hard but hopefully it will be worth it. We are going to try to hold out until Thurs or Fri when I will be 6+6/7 weeks.
    Good luck on Mon/Tues. Let us know how you get on. xxx
  • Hi
    My GP confirmed that they will scan me tomorrow. Scan is at 12pm then seeing the Dr afterwards to chat incase there is any worries. I am petrified! Have told myslef could be normal to only see a sac in preperation. it will be 6+5 and about 30days since OV so fingers crossed. Doubt I will sleep tonight as I didn't last night! Will be usless at work in the morning too... Have already said I don't know whether I will be back in the afternoon. All PMA seems to have abandoned me!
    Lilou x

  • Good luck hun! Really hope it's ok for you.
    I am going on Thurs evening - 6+6. So scared too. Still got 3 whole days of work to get through image

    Let me know how you get on.
  • Hope the days fly by for you! It's really tough. I feel like I am wishing my life away at the moment. I was 50/50 split whether to have it tomorrow as I would like to know how things are gong, but only if it's good news!
    Fingers crossed for us both.
    Lilou x

  • I know what you mean. Sometimes I want to just go and have scan NOW, but then other times I think if it's bad news I don't want to face that.
    Good luck today. Will be thinking of you
  • Baby B & Slippers
    Thought I would check in and let you know how I got on after your kind words and support!
    My Dr came in for the scan with me which was really reassuring. She came to see me when I was waiting to see how I was and said she felt as nervous as me, so it was nice to have her support in there as I was so worried. Had been eating antacids all morning was so worried. She told the sonographer se felt she had been going through the whole thing with me as she saw me after my MMC and TTC again. Not sure if that means I have been being a pain in the bum pestering her! :lol:
    At first the sonographer scared the living daylights out of me by struggling to find anything! After what seemed an eternity she found it tucked away in the corner! Gestation sac, yolk sac and the start of a flicker of a heartbeat beside a shiny area they thought was the fetal pole. I was so relieved! She said it measured more at 6 wks than 7 but I know I ov 4 days late so that would account for the difference. I am so releaved, my Dr said it is looking really positive. Obviously I know this is just a snap shot and things can change but for now I am really happy. The sharp pains and fluctulating syptoms seem to not have been a problem.
    My Dr also said that the yolk sac was nice and high which seemingly is good as it sags if an MC was impending. I am so glad she came in as she was so reassuring afterwards! The sonographer was just 'yep its there. Goodbye!'
    Sending you lots of positvity for your scan! Let me know how it goes!
    A much more positive Lilou x

  • Yay - I'm so pleased it went well! That's such good news.
    Fingers crossed mine goes as well on Thurs evening. Am so convinced something is wrong as I just don't feel pg AT ALL image
    Hopefully I am proved paranoid!
  • lilou i'm pleased to hear it went well image

    and my fingers are crossed very tightly for you BabyB as you deserve some good news image

  • Hi Lilou

    Just popped in here to catch up with old friends - I am so pleased that everything went well at your scan yesterday and that your Dr was there with you and so supportive, that was lovely of her. I'm really happy for you!

    BabyB - good luck at your scan. I really hope everything goes well.

    Love NN xx
  • Thanks everyone! It was so lovely to have a positive experience for once! My husband was so worried and afterwards was so pleased as he has never seen a positive scan before. He said 'it makes all the moods swings worth it!' Bless him, take it I am being a nightmare at the moment! My work is crazy busy today and I keep having to take deep breaths to try and calm myself, the last thing I want is my blood pressure rising!
    Baby B, I hope everything is good for you tomorrow, don't worry about not feeling pregnant as I still get days and moments like that, and it obviously doesn't always mean something is wrong. Fingers crossed and sending you +ve vibes! What time is you scan?
    Lilou x
  • Thanks Lilou. My scan isn't until 8.30 - PM! Nightmare. Have booked the afternoon off work as I think I will just go crazy sat at my desk. Even today was THE slowest afternoon ever.

    I honestly feel more scared than I have ever felt. Havce had some twingey pains today though - first for a while - so hoping that's a good sign.

  • Yes very good sign!
    I really struggle to stay awake after 8pm so 8.30pm is really late to have to go for a scan! image
    I had such a busy day today and am exhausted, my back and joints are killing me so I am heading to bed now (7.15!).
    Let me know how you get on tomorrow. Will be thinking off you. It's understandable to be so worried. You may have a surpirse and have 2! That would exciting!
    Take care and I hope the next 24hrs doesn't drag too much!
    Lilou xx
  • Thank you mummy mog! I have another scan booked for the 6th of Feb. My GP is being very understanding and checking me every 2 wks or so to check it is progressing as expected. Hope you're all well.
    Lilou x
  • Oh Lilou that's wonderful news!! Congratulations, what a huge relief for you. Your doctor sounds like an absolute gem, what a complete star for seeing you through this in such a supportive way. I'm so, so pleased for you. Keep relaxing and looking after yourself. Take care xxxx

    Baby B, just wondered if there was any news and how your scan went. Gotabsolutely everything crossed for you sweetie xxxxx
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