BFP this morning

Hi im vicky, 38 mum to 2.Have you tried the council. Tell them your landlords kicking you out and your prepnant. Maybe they will have some emergency accomodation you can rent. Do you use m&b messageboards too your chat room seems familiar


  • hi i have to tell someone, as we're trying to wait a wee bit longer. I'm preganant again only just done test this morning i think i was due my P. today? A bit messed up as i miscarried at the end of Nov. at 6 1/2 wks. So my cycle has not quite back to it's norm. but there were 2 lines yeay. I think i'll wait another wk b4 tell family i'll have to take phone off the hook as i want to tell them NOW. But i'm also apprhensive because of last time. heyho let nature take it's course. we have a wee girl who's almost 3. Oh fingers crossed it all works out this time....
    phew that helped so i have told someone... image
  • congrats to you both, im sure you are walking on air,i think you deserve a little extra spoiling from now on, wishing you both a very happy healthy preg
  • hi thanks for your comments i'm sooo nrevous this time round. trying to stay calm but i've had dull ache on my left side all day. i'm sure it's nothing, my hubby has taken our wee 1 out so i can louge about yeay. moony did you just phone up yourself to get an appointment? when i miscarried my midwife said not to call her til i was about 6wks! so we could book an appointment to see each other!
  • Congratulations!! I know I will feel exactly the same when I get pg again but try and relax and enjoy your pregnancy. The odds are in your favour, focus on that. Hope you have a great 9 months x
  • Ah that's lovely news flower, huge, huge congrats. Hope you can start to relax and enjoy things soon sweetie, thoughmuch easier said than done, I know. Am wishing you a very healthy and happy 9 months, be sure to keep us posted with how you;re getting on. Well done you! xxxxx
  • thankyou i'm just trying to get my head down and get on wi it. keeping fingers crossed etc image my stomach is knots nervous and excited
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