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No morning sickness second time around...

Hi girls,
I am only about 6/7 weeks pregnant and so far I haven't suffered from morning sickness. I was pregnant this time last year but sadly I miscarried at 8 weeks but from the moment I found out that I was pregnant I suffered with terrible nausea that lasted for whole days. I recall reading somewhere that women who have morning sickness tend to have healthier babies.
I just wondered if anyone suffered from morning sickness during their first pregnancy and not the second or vise versa?
Thank you x


  • I haven't had that experience, but please remember that all pregnancies are different so it doesn't mean a thing

    Have you posted this question on Pregnancy? It might be worth seeing what those girls have to say

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  • I had morning sickness, and a mmc. So I would say that isn't true. I had heard that myself.

    It's hard but try not to worry. Each pregnancy is different, and they say if you are carrying a boy you don't get morning sickness, so there's a lot of old wive's tales. xx
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