Any of the old girls sill about?

I havent been on for ages, but would love to hear from some of the girls that were around oct/ nov time, Katyjo, Socks etc etc, you know who you all are! I wouldnt have got through last year without the girls on this fantastic forum. Now im feeling a bit more postive about the whole thing, im back but not yet ttc...

Any excting news? who got there BFP? id love to hearabout any of the girls in TTC too... they were also fab,

Gem x


  • Hey hun - just found you! Katyjo is still on the m/c board and I'm on the m/c board and the ttc after m/c board!!!

    Katyjo is still waiting for her ttc date to arrive.

    I'm off for a lap and dye this friday before I can ttc again!!!

    Not heard from Broxi or socks.

    Did you have a good christmas???



  • Hey Gem, nice to hear from you again.

    I'm still around, mainly on the ttc after mc forum still ( :cry: ), but have recently started to venture back onto the normal ttc forum too.

    How are things with you anyway? Hope you're ok. My mum got diagnosed with cancer at the end of November so I had a bit of a break from here for a couple of months, just needed some time to get my head around things really. We didn't stop ttc, it just wasn't our priority for a little while, but I'm actually feeling full of renewed PMA at the moment, and I've got a good feeling about this year!

    Take care,

    Caroline xxx
  • Hi babes!! MWB told me you had posted here.

    im not on all that often anymore but do come for a nose at the BFP's although they mainly new girls i dont know, you know K-Lou got hers at long last presuming she gone to her pg forum dont see any posts on TTC anyway. Astraad & little toad got theirs too but perhaps they all had before you left.

    Cannot ttc until apr/may & really scared cant wait on one hand & on the other its kind of easier not being able to. Broxi is still around someplace had a couple of emails from her.

    How are you keeping?


    Caroline, so sorry to hear about your mum i really hope things turn out ok at the end of it all, bless her. xx

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  • I am still about hun on and off although we are not actively trying now until March as I have to be able to fly in September which sucks! image) Mostly in the ttc after mc forum, good to see you back xxx
  • Lovely to hear from you all again, glad you posted socks, cos i couldnt find this thread last night when i was going to reply to you all.

    It really is lovely to say hello again, however a shame that not many of us seem to be any further down the line! umph!

    I must say it has been lovely not fretting about ttc for a few months, but now the time is approaching that i am allowed to try again, i'm starting to lose my pma. This has been made worse cos i havent had a af since my opp and injections back in Nov! I cant work out if this is due to that (which i think it prob is) or if my PCOS has kicked in again now ive been off the pill for 6 months (i have a face full of acne too... nice!)

    Obviously i am keen to get things sorted so have booked a gp appointment next week jus to see if there is anything they might offer me to get me back on track. At the moment im convienced i'm not going to ovulate and then added to that i keep thinking, even we manage the egg bit, it will probably get stuck in my dodgy tubes... and if by miricle i manage to get it in the right place im at higer risk of a mc anyway! Can you see how my little mind is working!

    I know deep down no point in thinking the worst, but its hard sometimes, esp when the odd's aren't in my favour, and all my friends have now had their babies or are enjoying healthy pregnancys.

    Anyways, im so sorry to ramble on, im not a misery all the time, promise!

    Just out of interest, does anyone think my doc would consider me on clomid? i know this increases ov but can it start af too?

    oh, so many questions!

    Love to you all,

    Gem x
  • Gem i think you must wait for af before you take clomid cause you have to take it on certain cycle days sorry hon :cry: but i could be wrong it has been known image

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