Driving myself potty...

Hi everyone, after my scares earlier in the week I am now starting to drive myself mad about symptoms and whether I will make it all the way through to giving birth. I am absolutely terrified that I'm going to have a missed miscarriage again image nothing is reassuring me. I'm trying to relax as much as possible and think positive. The bleeding from my clot has pretty much disappeared unless I'm too active and it's light and brown. I'm 9+0 and my morning sickness has eased but I have no appetite as nothing tastes good, my boobs are huge but only feel sore if I tweak them. I am extremely tired and am getting a cold. Still peeing about 4 times a night and getting a stretching feeling at night. How does everyone else feel at 9 weeks? I know it varies greatly but I'm just so terrified I go for 12 week scan and baby has stopped progressing. Is it likely after me seeing a bigger baby with heartbeat on Thursday? X


  • Hi H2TA,

    my morning sickness is a lot more manageable, and the need to pee constantly has reduced a bit. Still tire easily, but I never had the sore b**bs, and they've not grown too much yet. 9+0 is feeling a bit better than I felt at 8+0...

    Try to keep your faith up, we've still got a long way to go!

  • I know tell me about it. Feels like forever until 12 weeks and then everyone says it flies after that. Trying to keep my positive head on but it's hard. X
  • My scan's not till 13+1, so got to keep going past 12 weeks! At least I'll be one week closer to the end!
  • i am driving myself (and hubby) a bit crazy too! i am now 10+1, which is ab out the time of my missed miscarrige, so i am walking about (or laying about) like i'm made of very delicate glass!!! I am still feeling pretty queasy, but i get days when i feel better and then i worry about that!
    No early scan for me, and the local provate clinic was ??95 which we just don't have. have my booking appoint on tuesday so am hoping to get some reassurance and a scan date then... until then, yes i am driving myself potty too!!!!
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