What's the likeliness of something going wrong now?

Hi girls,

Some of you may remember that i had an early scan after some anxiety at 9+6. I have my dating scan next Wed at 12+5.

What's the likeliness/percentage of something going wrong in the space of roughly 2 weeks (even though it seems longer already!!)?

Guess i am probably hopefully worrying about nothing but it's just in the back of my head.



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  • I know it's hard hun, but try to be positive. I don't know what the odds are - but we've come this far already, and once the dating scan is over you'll feel much better.

    I have one of those fetal doppler things, and when I'm having a niggle that somethings wrong i switch that on and listen to the heartbeat - and it always makes me feel better.

    Good luck with your dating scan hun, and try to relax

  • Really quick reply as I shouldn't be on BE at work, but I think the chances are tiny. Apparently 8 weeks is a really danegrous time for babies (probably when we lost ours). We lost ours after seeing a heartbeat but a) the chances of this are something like 3%, and b) it was before 8 weeks. I won't lie and say that you're out of the woods yet but I really do think that the chances are absolutely tiny! Hope the wait til next weds is as painless as possible x
  • I know I was told if all was well at 12 week scan the chances of a full term live birth were in the high 90's % wise. I've also been told that after 9 weeks the odds are 'nearly' as good as 12 weeks, I just don't knwo exact numbers. I know from being in the forums here that it makes mmc's seem really common, as people come on here when they need support, but they really don't happen very often.
    Hope wednesday is lovely and you can relax more after that.
  • I'm another that cant tell you the stats. However the best thing to do is remove any added stress and do very little house work/shopping ect. Just plenty of rest, you've got this far and thats a good thing. Like Beccaroo+pinkbump said after 8 wks it's alot less likely for the worst to happen.

    So remove your self from harms way, as the 1st Tri is one of the most important. Which i'm sure you're aware of.

    kick back and relax as mush as pos.

    Good luck
  • Thank you girls.

    So glad to hear that the chances are a lot less slim of something happening.
    Morning sickness (mostly nausea but was sick once) has returned this week image so that's a sign that everything is still going well!!

    Will just try and relax more and hope that a week's time comes a lot quicker than slower lol



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