Saw a little HeartBeat....!!!!

Oh what a relief.... I have had two miscarriages this year... one at 20 weeks and then another at 10 weeks... BUT today I saw the heartbeat of our little pip.... I was sick with nerves before we went in for the scan... it just brought back so many memories... but they were all so lovely to me again... I know them all quite well in the EPU..!! By my LMP I am meant to be 8+2 but by size I am 6+2... but who cares.... we saw the heartbeat... and that is all that matters..... I had to go through labour with Charlie at 20 weeks on Jan 4th this year.... and the thought of going through the anniversary of that day withour a pip in my tummy was just too much to bear... but our wish has come true... and we shall be starting 2009 with fresh hope and we can put 2008 behind us and all the awful times...

I wish you all the most wonderful luck for your 2009's and I hope that it brings you all what we deserve... a bundle of our own to hold and love.



  • Hiya

    Just wanted to say congratulations to you! bet your so happy xx

    I cant wait for my scan on 13th jan, really scared as well though after having a missed miscarriage in June.

    Amber xxx
  • Thats great news, congratulations xxxx
  • Congratulations on your news let hope this one stays with you till the end all the best to you and your oh I will keep an eye out for all your news over these pages and cant wait till your baby arrives.
  • Oh Sweetie, what wonderful wonderful news! I am so happy for you! Wishing you and your Oh and pip a fabulousy happy and healthy pg for 2009. Much love xxxxx
  • Magic Bean that is great news - wishing you all the luck in the world xx
  • thank you all so much... today is the first day that I have felt relaxed since we found out I was pg.... which was just the most wonderful way to start off the New Year...!!
    We lots of our friends and their children over for lunch today... 20ish in total... and the news slipped out.... they have all been so supportive over the past year and it was wonderful to be able to share our news... I know lots can still "happen" but to share our happyness was just amazing - there were tears from the girls and lots of cheers all round... !
    I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year and keep healthy in 2009...
  • i had 2 early misscariges, and i am now 5 weeks pregnant and i have light pink discharges, i am really nervous i have just been in bed all week crying... i have different pain all the time.. but good luck for you!!
  • lostlady - poor you... I can completely understand about being so worried... but if its any help... I have had lost of pink discharge and also I am aware if every twinge and cramp... we are bound to be me aware of everything due to what has happened in the past... good luck to you but I am sure with lots of rest you will be fine.. take care... xx
  • Congratulations that is such good news, i am really sorry to hear about your previous losses. I wish you all the best and i hope 2009 will be a good year for all of us.
    I am so worried had 2 mc this year, now pregnant again meant to be about 11weeks but i don't think i am that far gone, but i just keep worrying it will happen again or i will have a missed mc which would be horrible haven't got my scan till 13th January have known for ages so just a waiting game.

    But good luck to everyone and i hope i will be on hear soon with good news too. xxxxx
  • Hey girls
    I am in exactly the same position. We lost shrimp at weeks though i didn't find out untill my 12 week scan. I had a scan on tuesday as i had some brownish discharge and it which showed an 8 mm little bean with a good heart beat. I've booked another scan for next friday when i'll be 8+2..i know i'm gonna drive them crazy in EPAU but if i have to wait untill my 12 week scan i'm going to go stir crazy lol
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