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Thank you so much for your post... I have to say that you sound like such a lovely person, all of your replies to all the posts all sound so genuine and heart felt, I hope you don't mind me saying that I think that if I was to meet you at a party you would be someone I would like to know...!

We have indeed started the wheels in motion for all the test to be done... that is one of the reasons we opted this time for a D&C and not a natural miscarriage like the other 2, first one I had to deliver our little girl and so therefore we had lots of test done on her and on me. Sadly it was just a very rare and freak accident.. she had a true knot in her umblical cord... ie she was using it as a skipping rope...! Typical ! So if it wasn't for that then we would have a healthy little girl now... Which leads us to believe that we have just had a very bad run of luck... and that hopefuly all our tests will come back clear...

So by having the D&C quickly they have got all the "bits" to send off for analysis, and then my husband and I will go in for another battery of blood tests... I am going to see my doctor on monday and insist that we are refered to the consultant who went through our autopsy report with us - he has a really good reputation and I really really feel that we need to just crack on...!

Staying positive is the only way I am going to get through this... I am sure you must feel the same... In my heart I know we will have a baby and if it takes another dozen miscarriages then that is what we will have to go through.... but we will get there..!! I am not getting any younger - 38 this year... so do feel strongly that as soon as possible we need to get back to bd'ing... I think I am right in thinking that girls are the most fertile after a D&C....

Anyway, enough rambling... I wish ou a huge amount of happiness in your pregnancy... may I just ask one more question... how long after your last miscarriage did you get your bfp...?

Have a lovely weekend...
Annabel x


  • Hello, sweetie, what a lovely thing to say, I'm so touched. I think you and I had a special bond after both conceiving around the same time after such long and bumpy roads. I am just so, so sorry that we won't complete this particular journey together, but I know that we will both get there. I just think your positivity and strength is really awe inspiring. Look at us with the mutual appreciation society!! But you are a real star.

    I think you're absolutely right to try and re-establish the links with the consultant you had previously. I think when you find someone in the health service who you trust and who makes you feel at ease, it's a god send. I'm sure your GP will understand and will help you put the wheels in motion.

    I too am 37, so perhaps that's why us old birds stick together! But I completely understand that whole body clock ticking away. it just ups the sense of urgency in a way, but you have plenty of time yet for a full and happy family. My friends have told me that repeatedly over the past couple of years and it's good and true advice.

    With regard to your question my mcs have been quite spread out, each time I have been desperate to just start trying again, to get back in the saddle, but the first couple of occasions, circumstances meant we had to wait (nothing medical, but we got married after the 2nd and i couldn't ttc whikst taking malaria tablets for honeymoon and my first mc was with a previous partner and the relationship ended very shortly afterwards). So this time I was determined to get started straight away and we were very lucky. I had the medical management this time, I thought it might be easier than the op, it was ok, not great obviously, but not too bad all things considered. Anyway, it took me 5 weeks to stop bleeding and another 2 after that for first af. We conceived on the 2nd cycle, so it did happen very quickly and for that I feel so blessed.

    I am happy to answer any questions at all that you have, or just chat if you want to let off steam. Am thinking of you constantly, as is my hubby who I told about you and he was really upset for you too. take very good care of yourself and take your time to heal. Speak soon xxx
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