Early scan booked for 2nd Jan and feeling terrified

Hey girls
I just self reffered ( didn't know i could do it ) to EPAU for an early scan. They offered me one on 24th but I said that if the baby wasn't ok, I didn't want to risk ruining everyones christmas. I'll be 7 +2 at my scan which is about how old the baby was when i miscarried...so at least i guess if the same thing happens i don't have to wait till my 12 week scan to find out.

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  • try not to worry too much hun, i know it's terrifying, but try to save positive!! i wish there was more i could say to you, but stressing won't do you any good!!! sending lots of ((((HUGS)))) your way Rach xx
  • good luck hun. leaving it until 7+2 will mean you will see more image
    sending you lots of pma.
  • Hi Sarah
    I also have an early scan on 2nd Jan. i will be just under 8 weeks but i wanted to be reassured that everything was ok. My first preg i found out i had a mmc at my 12 week scan and i don't want to leave it that long again as i will be worrying about it all the time. In the meantime i'm trying to stay positive. Good luck to you, will be thinking of you on Jan 2nd (I am in Australia so we are 11hrs ahead here) xxx
  • I know exactly how you are feeling,i had a mc in august and im 12 weeks pregnant today! I have got my scan on tuesday and must admit i am petrified!! I just want everything to be ok then i can actually enjoy being pregnant!!
  • I'm sure it will be fine, but fingers crossed for you all the same

    I have my third early scan on the 2nd too after ectopic in September (1st to check it was where it should be, 2nd to confirm viability and 3rd just because the nice nurse offered me one!) and I know when the time comes I will be so nervous, but I'm so looking forward to it! I will be 9+1

  • just a quick update, had an early scan today as had been having sharp pains in my right side. Good news is we saw the sack and yolk...no baby yet cause i'm only 5+2 but still :O) Booked to go back on Jan 2nd when i'll be 7+2

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  • That's great news! Well done. Must be so reassuring for you xxxx
  • Ah fab news!! How lovely! x
  • Hi ladies

    I am 8 wks pregnant and have had two miscarriages the last one was in April at 11wks when i was told at my scan that there was no heartbeat which was heart breaking! so i asked my GP for an early scan last wk but EPAU said no because they were to busy with girls that were actually having m/c. Really upset that i have to wait until 12 wks because i don't want the same news as at my last scan. Did someone mention self referral? if so how does this work?x
  • hi i had a m/c in oct and ive got a early scan on the 9th jan i asked my midwife to refer me so i could see all was ok with the baby and she phoned hospital straight away for me
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