Hiya ladies

Well i've had quite a few symptoms this month that i didnt look into and i just KNEW i was pg,weird huh.

I had promised my OH we wouldnt test till i was 2 weeks late for af but i just couldnt resisit and today did a cb and *whispers* there was a line!!!!


I'm only on cd 22,dont know when af is due as i'm quite irregular and the line came up as soon as the urine passed over it,its faint but you can easily see it arms length and one edge of the line is strong!!

I dont know what to make of all this tbh,i had a chem preg in sep so am really bloody nervous it may happen again,i'm also getting ALOT of cramping around my uterus,i had this when i had my chem preg n the doc said its embryo implanting...

I am really really scared cos i know i shuldnt have tested this early and am so scared of anything going wrong..

Last time when i got a bfp i was cd 28..then mc cd30


  • Congrats!

    Sounds good to me and a line this early is going to get stronger over the next few days! i had cramping at this stage with my pregnancy was convinced it was AF but just the uterus adjusting!

    Brill news try not to worry too much x

    Inka xx
  • Congratulations! Sending you sticky glue and PMA. It's a very exciting but nerve racking time. Come and chat to us when ever you want or need some support.
    Lilou x
  • Oh Thanks so much for your replies,its great cos i know you all understand.
    Will try not to worry but i dont think its sinking in yet,lol.
    xx xx
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