BFP - but I'm a wreck!

Hi ladies,

I got a bfp yesterday. Am so happy as we have been trying for 7 months since mc and I was on my first cycle of clomid as I had stopped oving.
Problem is I don't feel like I should be excited as I am just terrified of something going wrong. Esp as I am only 11 dpo today (hubby talked me into testing early, I was determined now to test until tomor!) so it's sooooo early.

Every hour feels like a week! Everytime I go to the loo I am so scared of seeing blood. How can I stop feeling like this??



  • sorry to say this but the feeling may never go away. im now 16 wks preg after a miscarriage in july this year. and i feel exactly the same. i did have a bleed at 6 wks with this preg but had an early scan and all was good with little bean. then panicked that anything could have happened till i had my 12 wk scan. again all was well with baby. now im having nightmares about things having gone wrong. i have my midwife appt on mon where i should get to hear the heartbeat and again it will put my mind at rest for a little while at least. have been contemplating buying a doppler so i can listen to the heartbeat at home whenever i feel the panic but then dont want one cause if i cant find it one time it will make me a hundred times worse!

    so im not much help im afraid! but i really hope that i start to relax and enjoy it all soon. i hope the same happens for you too x
  • Hiya BabyB

    I have to echo what berly has said. I am 16 weeks and 1 day and I am still terrified having had mc in June. You have to some how start to relax. I made myself really ill with worry but I am now although still terrified resigned to what will be will be and trying to be positive. The scan I had on 12/12 made me feel better but I can feel again the doubt building up and I dont have a 2nd scan until 13/2/09. Its too long!! I am fighting against getting a doppler for the same reasons as berly.

    Try to keep busy but not mad active! Sending sticky dust to you!

  • OOoo btw Congrats!!!! :lol:
  • Ah flower, firstly big congrats on your BFP! Well done you, that's the first hurdle over with! But I agree with the others, that the worry will probably never really go away. I had about 3 or 4 days of just being on a high after my BFP and since have been a bag of nerves. I'm still only 6 weeks and it feels like this preg has lasted an age so far, with the constant worry and fear. All I can say is to try and enjoy it, make sure you eat well and get plenty of rest and sleep. For me, at least whilst I'm sleeping, I'm not worrying, so over the hols have been trying to sleep as much as poss. I agree with Suziewoo, try to keep your mind occupied with things, even if it's just going to the cinema, just something to stop you thikning about things for an hour or two. Take care and remember to try and keep positive, just keep repeting it over and over to yourself: "I am having a baby, I am having a baby!" Sending hugs xx
  • hi hun, thought i might see you in here image

    the thing that has kept me going is the fact that a lot more pregnancies make it than not. people can scare themselves with mc statistics, and especially when you've had a mc yourself. but the stats are still in your favour - there is nothing to say this one won't make it! i am never going to stop worrying though.

    sending you lots and lots of sticky babydust xxxx
  • I think its completely normal to feel stressed, I was the same and to be honest I still am!

    Just try and keep busy that will take your mind off it and make time go quickly xxx
  • hi huny and congrats!

    I feel exactly the same way. I mc in Sept and I am 6 +2 today. I have an early scan tomorrow as I had spotting at 4 +6....I am terrified at what the outcome is going to be!!

    Good luck hunny!!!

  • i agree with all the other ladies, unfortunately having a mc can taint what should be the happiest time of ur life!!! i'm 26+1 and still worry, even though lo kicks me half to death, i did buy a doppler, and the reassurance was great, but echo what the other ladies have said that if one time we hadn't been able to find the hb then i would have been a gibbering wreck, i've had bleeds too in this pg, @ 14 and 19 wks and the mc memories came flooding back. all you can do is try not to stress too much, it won't help you or ur little bean, but i understand how all consuming it can be!!! sending lots of sticky babydust, ((((HUGS)))) and many congrats ur way!!!! mrskittyboo, sending you lots of ((((HUGS)))) for tomorrow, hope ur not feeling too nervous, will be thinking of you xxxxx
  • Thank you Rachie - I am not allowing myself to get too excited about the pgcy at the moment - I need to know everything is ok first- I cant go through all the emotion of the mc again, so having a barrier up is easier.

  • know the feeling well hunny!!! will have fingers crossed for you thou, am hoping for a positive outcome for u sweetie xxxxxx
  • Thanks ladies. Guess there is no way to not worry. I just need to remember that each pg is different and just because I have had mc before it doesn't mean it will happen again. It's so hard though.
    I just want a time machine to take me forward about 7 months!

    Kittyboo - good luck tomor hun. Really hope all is ok for you x
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