Early scan due to small bleed. Pic included

Hey ladies,

Well I sneezed this morning and felt a horrendous pain, went the loo and lost a gush of bright red blood. Went straight to the EPU. Got to see my lovely little jellybaby for the first time. He/she measured perfect and was waving his/her arms around!!!! No sign of where the blood came from, but it possibly was caused by me being constipated but definitely no blood around baby.

It is such a relief!! I can't believe there is actually an ickle person growing inside me!!!!



  • awww what a cute pic!! Congrats hun, must have been such a worry but glad it's all turned out well

    Jo xx
  • Gorgeous scan pic.

    Worried to sneeze now!!

    Glad everything is well. Ive got an early scan on Thursday morning

  • omg that is the cutest picture in the world! have a h and h 9 months x
  • I had an emergency scan at 10 weeks due to a bleed with this little one, and it waved its tiny arm at me. It's like they're waving saying 'don't worry mummy i'm ok in here'. Hope you get a good sleep tonight. it's exahusting going through all the worry then relief.
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