should i test again

well this last two weeks has been strange my af is playibg peek a boo. im testing negative havnt tested in a few days but my af late. my boobs not as sore as last time iwas preg but awful itchy at times(sorry tmi) and im having quite strange dreams. last night i dreamt about colin firth ,we were going on holiday dont know what my oh would think o that (lol) lots of mad dreams maybe im just a little stressed but i hope you all have enjoyable weekends and our bodies behave themselves!!!


  • if ur af is late hun, i'd say test! were u testing b4 af was late? [email protected] u dreaming bout colin firth...he is a bit scrummy!!! don't think my hubs would be too chuffed!!! i hope you get ur BFP soon hun xxxxx
  • bfn on test today but still sore boobs at mo maybe af planning a dramatic appearance over weekend think ill wait till next week cause then ill def know either way enjoing st patricks weekend will help lol as long as i dont start dreaming of him too lolxxx
  • oh well af came with a flourish but not to worry ,obviously my body wasnt really ready yet but hopefully from now on ill be regular so counting april as the first real month of trying again so hopefully ill be back here sometime.good luck everyone hope you all go on to hold those little bundlesxxxxx
  • thanks for reply and well you never know ,im just gioing to enjoy the exercise (hint hint) although my hubbie not complaining i think he a bit tired lolxxx
  • My AF came 2wks late this mth, by this point i'd convinced myself i was pregnant!! oops!!
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