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New and pregnant after Blighted Ovum

I'm new to this - so Hello Girls.

My story - I suffered a blighted ovum in April this year and did not know until I went for a private scan. As it was my first pregnancy I didn't know if what I was feeling was right or not so to get told my pregnancy wasn't viable at my scan was heart breaking. Accourding to the charts I was nearly 12 weeks but my sac stopped growing at 8 weeks. The annoying thing was that there were no signs at all! No pain, no blood nothing. It was 14 weeks before I went into hospital for the medical treatment.

Anyway - the good news is that I am now 6+1 weeks and obviously feeling a little bit anxious. Becasue of what happened with my first pregnancy the mw said that I will have an early scan - but how early can I have it??

I feel different this time (which is hopefullly a good sign). My breasts are very tender (but they were last time) my belly is bloated and I am already off my food for most of the day - but eating fine at night.

Has anyone else suffered a blighted ovum and now pregnant again?

Thanks girls - hope you can welcome me onto your site?!!?


  • Hi Yummy Mummy firstly congrats on you pregnancy, It is common to feel anxious, and I hope some of the girls on here might be able to give you some advise Im glad to hear the MW is aware of your anxiety and is pushing to get you the early scan, people have early scans from very early on, did the MW give any indication as to when it could be? when I had my mmc I had 1 around 6 weeks and then another around 8 weeks
    I hope you are looking after yourself and all the best of luck for a happy and healthy 9 months

    love Luc xxx
  • Hello and welcome!

    Congratulations on your recent BFP :\)

    I'm really sorry to hear about your previous mc. Pregnancy after mc is a very anxious time but we're always here listen if you need to talk and we all understand how you're feeling.

    They think that my 1st mc (have had 3) was a blighted ovum but because I started bleeding at just over 8 weeks the sac never grew big enough for a firm diagnosis. I am now pregnant and 27 weeks and 4 days along! I never thought I'd get here, but it can happen and after 1 mc you are no more at risk of another loss. Also, they say that a blighted ovum is usually a random occurence and not likely to happen again.

    The earliest they will usually give you a scan is 6 weeks as before then there is little to see and they can't really give you much idea of how things are going. By 6 weeks you can sometimes see the heartbeat, but not always (sometimes it's closer to 7 weeks).

    Anyway, I really hope everything works out for you this time and that you settle in well here :\)

    Love NN 27+4 xxx

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  • Thanks for the replies.

    Since I posted my message I have spent the last 36 hours in bed (and I'm still there now) with sickness. I feel like somone has been kicking me in the stomach. The good thing is that it means my hcg level are high the bad news is that I can't keep anything down apart from flat sprite!!!

    I'm hoping to get a letter this week for an early nhs scan, if not I will go to the local private hospital where I went last time. Although, that place does not hold happy memories for me after the last time I was there!!!

    I will keep you up to date.

    Also, any advice on severe sickness? I've tried toast and biscuits and the thought is making me heave!! How long can this be healthy for the bean??

    Thanx x
  • hi honey,

    i had a blighted ovum in april too - found out at 7+4 because all my symptoms had disappeared and so i had a scan.

    i got pg on my third cycle after it and am now 15 weeks. i've been really anxious but had lots of scans and everything is going great!!

    try not to worry about not eating - if you can have your prenatals and water then that is great - your bean will steal all the things it needs from you, and just leave you feeling rubbish! most of the growth happens in 2nd and 3rd tri so try not to worry. i could face innocent smoothies so had lots of them and bowls of plain pasta...yum!!

    congratulations - i am sure this pregnancy will be just perfect,

    love kristen xx
  • Thanks Kristen. I think I will be much better after my first scan. I've gone the opposite now! I'm feeling much better today and even managed a little food this afternoon. NOw I'm worried that it's happening again as the sickness is disappearing!!

    I know I'm just being silly....
  • Ah, you are but it is totally normal. I was mega-paranoid too, my symptoms totally eased off about 6+0 - 6+4 and I had a real panic - hCG levels done and ended up having a scan - all was perfect though! You will def feel better once you see you little bean on the screen with the magical flicker of a heartbeat!!

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