Hi girls! bfp! :-)

I am pleased to be telling you all I got my BFP on tuesday. I had a mc in sept, and as most of you all are, am feeling very anxious this time round.

My doctor dates me as 6 weeks on sunday, going by my last period on 18th december, so edd is 25th sept! Although i know i only ovulated 2 weeks ago, making me 4 weeks today!

I have had a dodgy tummy since finding out, and dont know if this is down to the nerves and excitement! I have a lot of TMI, trapped wind too! other than that the only other symptoms i have had is a stange taste right at the back of my throat, almost like when you take a paracetamol and a bit gets stuck, its not metallic and everynow and again get a shooting pain through my left (.).

so how is everyone, when you due and what symptoms you been getting!

look forward to getting to know you all

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  • many congrats on ur bfp hunni!!! try not to be too anxious, i've wasted too much of my pregnancy worrying about one thing or another and it'll soon be over!!! i too had tonnes of trapped wind, it's quite freaky...lol!!! well i'm 30 + 4 so all my "symptoms" which were sore (.)(.)'s, trapped wind and fatigue have been replaced with spd /pgp and tiredness (i have got 3 other lo's to run after too thou....lol!!!). hope that ur well, and that ur pregnancy runs smoothly!!!! lots of sticky baby dust being sent ur way as well as some ((((HUGS)))) xxxxx
  • thanks hun for your reply. its good to see that you had wind too! lol!!
    not long left for you now, hope you have had a smooth pregnancy!
  • Congrats hun!! We all know how scary and worrying it is being pg again after a mc so feel free to vent at us!

    I'm 8 weeks today. Due 11 Sept. NOt had much in the way of symptoms. Although had some sharp pains today and also shooting pains in right boob. Trying to stay calm and think it just means things are still growing.
    Got another scan on 9th Feb so counting the days.
  • Ah lovely news Littlemiss, huge congrats!! I would love to say don't worry, but as I have spent the last 6 weeks teetering on the brink of anxiety, I can't talk! Do you have any early scans in to put your mind at rest a little? It might help.

    Wishing you a very very healthy and very very happy 9 months sweetie and will pop over to Sept every now and then to see how you're doing. Take care xx
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