conception after misscarrige? HELP!?

I had a miscarriage on the 4th July 08 i think it was early on and i must have been around 6 weeks pregnant. i didn't experience very heavy bleeding and only bled for about 3 or 4 days the second day of bleeding i passed a few small blood clots and stringy like tissue, i was told to do a pregnancy test after the bleeding, which come back negative, so i was told it had been a miscarriage. i am now nearly 27 weeks pregnant i will be 27 weeks on Tuesday. i did not have a period after my miscarriage because i got pregnant straight away when i count back how many weeks iam (dates based on ultrasound scan) it goes back to the 8th July 08 so does this mean this is when i conceived? just 4 days after my miscarriage? my baby is due on the 14th April 09 and i'm very confused as of when i conceived. will anyone be able to help
many thanks

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  • hi there i was in a very similar boat to you.
    i had a mc 25th jan 2007 and then did another pg test end of feb which was positive. i never had a period after mc and getting my bfp. when i went for scan and got my dates etc it said i concieved around 7th feb. i was told that it is possible to concieve straight away. i was convinced that i hadnt had a mc or that i was carrying twins and only lost one of them but my gp reasurred me that it was possible to fall as soon as start ttc. i think the way the dates go is that 14th april is your due date, 9 months before that is when they say your last period started or in your case around the time of your mc. the date you concieved in theory should be around 2 weeks later so around 22nd july. hope that makes sense
    hope the rest of your pregnancy goes well and congratulations!!
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