Private scans - worth the money or better to wait?

Hi, i am seven weeks preganant following a missed miscarriage september last year. I have been to see the doctor and recieved my information with regards to a booking appointment, but it doesn't mention a scan. I am very nervous about this pregnancy following the missed miscarriage (it was picked up at my 12 week scan, but the baby had died at 10 weeks). I asked if i could have an earlier scan but the doctor said no, it was best to wait until 12-13 weeks.
I am terrified that the same experience will happen again. I have found a private clinic charging ??95 for a scan, would anyone recommend going for this, or should i wait to discuss this with the midwife at our appointment in three weeks?
all views welcome as it is all i can think about but we haven't told anyone we are pregant yet, after the disappointment of last time so i have no one to discuss it with.


  • Hi Hun congrats on new pregnancy. I am same as you except I'm pregnant straight after my mmc on 30th may. Not had an af in between. I have been trying to decide this exact question but after speaking to my pregnant friend I have decided to wait it out. This is purely because if I go too early like some womens experience on here there may be nothing to see as it's too early. Imagine the stress this might cause us having had a mmc. At least if we know we are 12 weeks then there should definitely be a baby there with a heartbeat. My husband is far too worried for an early scan as he thinks it might make me think there is something wrong if they can't find a heartbeat too early. As soon as the sonographer told me there was no heartbeat last time I started miscarrying that same day as if now my mind realised it was time to let go. It's definitely a personal choice as to what you do hun. You'll know yourself if you can wait it out. Good luck and I hope you have a happy and healthy 9 months. I'm here if you want to chat on the weeks ahead while we wait. X
  • Ps I'm also 7 weeks today. X
  • Ps I'm also 7 weeks today. X
  • I went when I was 7 weeks and a few days and I felt I had to go. I wasn't able to bond, I felt very distant and was very scared. I know things can go wrong after that, but seeing the heartbeat was a good sign. I still need to wait another 3 weeks for the 12 week scan and it is the hardest time of my life. (after the miscarriage of course) It drags passed and I feel I am wishing away time. I know I will relax more if I know the baby is alright.
  • Hi breighlin. I hope your scan goes well. I know how your feeling. The time is just dragging by image wishing away the weeks. X
  • the same thing happened to me, i had a miscarriage in april this year found out when went for my 12week scan and found out the baby ha died at 10 weeks 1 day, ive now booked a private scan for when i will b 10 weeks, i couldnt wait for the 12 week scan
  • Thank you so much for the replies, i don't feel quite so alone now. I am feeling like i can't connect properly yet, and my husband feels the same. I am also stressing myself out, as was sick for the first time today, after feeling queasy for the last week. I think i'm meant to relax!!! How women coped before scans I will never know!!!!
  • I know my mum and mil say they never got scanned until about 30 weeks. But they received weekly check ups at midwife. I seen the maternity record book for my hubby when he was in the womb and literally they seen midwife every week. We have to wait until about 10-12 weeks now image boo
  • heya hun,
    i paid ??75 for a private scn at 8+1 weeks and it was def worth every penny!
    it was great to check everything was ok and have some reasurance.
    i really dont think i could have made it until my 12 week scan!
    it was also amazing to see how much baby had grown. i am now 13+5 and finally starting to enjoy my pregnancy image xxx
  • Thanks girls. I am now 9 weeks exactly and have my booking app. in a week, so am hoping my scan will be soon after that. i feel so much better with this pregancy, while still seasick and very moody, so am trying to stay positive and not get stressed (easier said than done!)
  • Hi Hun, am so glad your feeling better, I know how hard it is. Only 3 more weeks for us! Let's hope it flies by. Have you had an early scan at all? I had 2 this week thanks to nhs and everything looks good, baby was bigger by the 2nd scan with a fast heartbeat. Roll on 12 weeks for us both. Thanks for posting in my other thread. image really appreciate it. X
  • hiya,

    They are definatley worth it but id say push ur EPU to do the early scan - your entitled to at least one depending on your hospital (i was aloud 2 plus my 12 week scan) you just have to keep pestering them!! even if you have to cry and get angry (i had to as they were just going to fob me off). if they really wont give you one then yes go and have a private scan - baby premiere only charge ??45 for an early reassurance scan but whatever you do DONT tell your midwife or gp - i know several people that made that mistake - they were then refused scans till 20 week (they say if you can afford to get a private scan done then there is no need to use nhs money!1 (Complete S**t i no!! - good luck and lots of sticky baby dust for you!!

  • hi,
    i had a private scan at 8 weeks and it was the best ??75 i ever spent!
    was the most reassuring thing in the world and there was no way i could have waited another 4 weeks!
    we saw hb and it made me start to have PMA as i knew everything was ok.
    it made me look forward to the 12 week scan even more, and enjoy it, instead of being worried about it like i would have been if i didnt pay for an early scan.
    good luck with whatever u decide!
    love sian
    16+3 xxx
  • hi ya

    i understand the NHS point of view on this one, as the scans are not done for reassurance they are done for dating and to look for anormalities. The scans cost a huge amount of money so they can't feasibly provide them, so I think if people want them they should pay for them and then theres enough money to pay for extra scans for ladies who really need them, like monitoring heart defcts etc. I also had a misc, i am worried about this pregnancy, but i'm trying not to get too anxious.

    Im definately waiting for my 12w scan, as i don't want to give my hard earned cash to companies that are making money from peoples anxiety. I guess the other thing is that a scan doesnt change the outcome, just coz i've seen my babies heart beat on one day doesn't mean its still going to alive the next day.

    Anyway thats just my point of view, but honestly you should do what you think is best.

    NP x x x
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