little update from me

I had my 12 week scan earlier and part of me is very exited (yes there was a heartbeat) and part of me is very disappointed. I was so focussed on having a healthy baby that we forgot to ask the edd and the size. For some reason they didn't put the paper in the bag, which they normally do and can't find any comments in my notes. :S

Anyway, baby was meassuring around 6 cm, which is what she told us during meassuring, so it is around the right size for a 12 week baby. (according to my dates I am 12+4, according to my early scan I would have been 12+1, so it grows at the right speed. image Due somewhere between 26th of february and beginning of march, but I stick with march for the time being.

I am so happy we got passed the 12 week mark with a healthy baby, now just the rest of the worrying starts. image Luckily a bit less than it has been over the last 8 weeks. We took MIL with us and she was so emotional during the scan, it was really nice to see.

Got loads of pictures and even some video's, will post a picture later when I take some personal details off it. image

For the ones that know me on facebook, please keep quiet about it till later today. We will announce it on there in the afternoon when I know for sure my friend has got married and will not be looking on facebook. (don't want to steal her thunder on her day) Also giving MIL some time to tell her family.


  • Wonderful news! I do think the healthy baby part is the most important, but I will make a mental note to ask more questions when I get to your stage!image
  • Woohooo Im sooooo pleased for you and have been looking out for you on JYM all morning.
    Hopefully this is the start to a very lucky day for us all.
    I really really can't explain how hapy I am for you. You have always been there for me with such great advice and will always be so thankful to you for that.

  • congratulations Breighlin image so happy that your scan went well. bet your feeling relieved now.
    I hope you go on to enjoy your pregnancy. xx
  • Congrats hun! That's really wonderful news, but it's true that the worrying never really stops!! :roll:

    Jo xx
    22wks today
  • Hiya Brieghlin,

    I just got back from my scan too!! How fantastic was the 12 week scan!!! We are pretty much spot on with our little bean dates, I measured 12+4 too!!

    Congrats and can't wait to see your pic later image Yay!! xxx
  • Congratulations so pleased your scan went well. I understand that your a little disapointed about not being told edd etc. Can you not call the hospital & ask them as shouldnt they have added info about your scan into your maternity notes?
  • so glad all was well with bubs. look forward to seeing pics.
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