are ultrasound scans accurate????

Hi all i had my pregnancy dated from an ultrasound scan ive had 3 scans which all gave me the same due date 14th April 2009.
My dates weren't worked out from my LMP as i got pregnant straight after a MC without no period in between.

Im now 29 weeks and 4 days pregnant is this accurate?
and if so why have they still added two weeks onto the pregnancy does this mean im actually 27 weeks pregnant? or does it mean i concieved 29 weeks and 4 days ago which takes me back to the 8th July 08 or did i concieve two weeks after this??
please help as i am very confused Confused


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  • i too fell pregnant straight after a mc. i know when i ovulated (which was slightly later than normal cycles if you take day 1 as the day of my mc), so I took that date and added two weeks on. This was the same date that my scans have shown.

    If you say you are 29+4 that would mean you conceived 27+4 weeks ago, so around 23rd July.

    Not sure if that has helped at all.

    try not to worry about it though hun xxx
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