Can I join you?

Hi ladies...can I join you?

Unfortunately I mc'd 3 times last year (in the space of 10 months) and am pg again. I found out at about 4 weeks and am now 7+4 (going by last af). I've been putting off posting as I didn't want to tempt fate (I've been replying to just about every post going in Due in Oct forum but have as yet resisted the urge to post my own topic).

I decided to post in here today as I feel like I need a little moral support...I've got my first early scan tomorrow morning. I'm really excited but at the same time really anxious.

I had an early scan with my 2nd mc and saw a lovely healthy heartbeat (at what I thought was about 8-9 weeks but they dated me at 6+3, which thinking back might have indicated a problem) but then sadly went on to mc 3 weeks later. I'm really scared that they will date me earlier again which will make me worry even more. I have a second scan booked in 2 weeks time (18th March) and then my routine dating scan booked in 4 weeks time (1st April) so it's reassuring that they're keeping such a close eye on me this time.

On a positive note I do actually have a more positive feeling about this pregnancy than I did with the 3 last year and I have loads of symptoms...I've never been so glad to feel so rubbish!!!

Sorry for the long post; I'm just feeling a bit wobbly this morning! Hubby is at work and I felt like I needed to get this off my chest.

Thanks for reading.

Jaimep xx:\)


  • many congrats on ur BFP sweetie!!! i was in a very similar position to you, i had 3 mc's last yr too, 2 mmc and a chem pregnancy!!! please don't stress too much about ur scan 2morrow, i too had an early scan this time (i'm 35+1) which dated me @ 6 weeks i thought i was 8, but by the time my dating scan came around lo was measuring right for my dates!!!! sending you lots of positive vibes for tomorrow and millions and millions of baby dust!!! let us know how you get on tomorrow!!! ((((HUGS)))) xxxxxx
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