Driving myself crazy!!x

Hi dont mean to be a pest :roll: but just needed to pop in an ask a couple of questions. I had a mmc at 12 weeks and an ERPC on Jan 5th, I thought af had arrived last saturday after a week of quite bad cramps and in a way was pleased to feel back on track, however it's been really light sometimes next to nothing pale brown discharge. Someone suggested it may be implantation, i did a HPT on thurs and fri and both were neg. But stupidly cant let it go imageops: I know its probably just more bleeding from ERPC, but it's seriously all i can think about!!! I just wanted to know if anyone here had had this and gone on to get a BFP, or if you had experienced anything similar after an ERPC? Many thanks in advance, and congrats on your BFPs wish you all happy healthy pregnancies! xx


  • awww hun, didn't wanna r&r, i've not had a erpc, i had a medical management for my 1st mmc and the day b4 my 2nd medical management i passed everything naturally!!! just wanted to send you some hugs and hope that everything resolves itself soon for u!!!! ((((HUGS)))) xxxxxx
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