Hello, hope you dont mind me showing my face....

Hi All, Hope you all remember me???

Haven't been on Babyexpert for quite a while now. Had some bleeding at 9 weeks which freaked me out (due to a previous mc) and I kinda hid away for safety! Silly really!

How are you all doing?? Just looked through some posts and can see your bumps are coming along nicely!!

I am 16+3 now and cannot wait for my second scan on 15th April!!!

Love to you all xxx Mrs Kittyboo


  • aww mrskittyboo!!! had wondered where u went..lol!!! am so glad to hear ur pg is going well now, sorry to hear bout the bleed (i had 2 episodes @ 14 & 20wks) it scares the bejeezers out of you doesn't it!!!! i'm 36+2 now, so not long left for me....yipee!!! hope u'll be popping on more regularly now!!!! so lovely to hear from you again Rach xxxx
  • hey hunny! Wow thats gone quick for you!!!! yes it is terrible having bleeds!!! xxxxx
  • Mrs Kittyboo - you have been missed especially in your pg forum. I am still in ttc after mmc but hope to be chatting with you on the pg forum soon.

    Lots of love and soo pleased you are ok x x
  • Welcome back mrskittyboo, pleased that all is going well fo you, take care hun
    Amy 6+1 xxxx
  • how much can change in a day!!

    I am now chatting to you as a bonefide pregnant lady!
  • awww summer, thats fab news!!!! image
  • Hi Kitty

    I know I am not offically posting in here but wanted to say that it's so good to see you back on the forums and feeling a little more relaxed now :\)

    Take care,
    Love and hugs NN xxx
  • Hey NN - thank you hunny - hope you are doing ok!!! xxxx

    Summer - the greatest news ever....massive congrats xxxx
  • Hey! Just crashing, like to check in on some old faces! Good to see you back thrilled everything seems to be going the right way for you xxx You finding out the sex?
  • hey DebbieA - i always remeber your avatar piccir....thanks for your kind comments xx

    Socks - how you doing hunny?? I want to find out but hubby doesnt know whether he wants a surprise - he is terribly indecisive anyway...so this decision is a nightmare for him haha....my 21 week scan is 15th April.....xx
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