2nd early scan today.

Hi everyone,

I've been for my 2nd early scan at the EPU this morning and it was fab. I was really worried and anxious as I'm 9+5 today which is the exact day I had my 2nd MC (of 3) last year!

Everything was fine and has progressed as expected since my 1st scan 2 weeks ago. He/she's certainly got bigger and we could see his/her arms and legs are getting longer (looking more like limbs than buds now), We even saw him/her having a right old wiggle! Heartbeat was nice and strong and clear too so I feel much happier and a bit more relaxed now (don't think I'll relax completely until I'm holding him/her in my arms).

They didn't date me as they had a brand new machine which hadn't been fully programmed to do measurements and dates yet but they did say that the development is on track for my dates going from LMP! The sonographer also said that if they did date me today, it was likely that when I go to my first antenatal appointment (12 week scan) on 1st April, they wouldn't scan me again if I already had a confirmed due date!

We were cheeky and asked for a couple of extra pictures so we're going to put them in Mother's Day cards for both our mums...I do feel a bit nervous about telling people (only going to tell close family) yet but keeping the secret is driving me crazy and we though that as things are going well, it would be a really nice Mother's Day gift!

I'm so happy that this bean seems to be a strong and sticky one (fingers and everything crossed).

Hope you're all well girls.

Jaimep xx:\)


  • Hi Jaimep

    Just gatecrashing to say that I am so happy for you - that's excellent news! image

    And I think it's a lovely idea to put the scan piccies in the mothers day cards - that'll be such a wonderful surprise for them!

    Hope everything continues to go well.

    Do you mind me asking if you did anything differently this pregnancy? (as you know I've also had 3 mc's)

    Take care, NN xxx
  • Thanks girls.

    NN, not really done much different apart from when I found out at 4 weeks I started eating sweet potato for dinner and tea as someone on here said that it was supposed to be good for preventing mc's. I can't stand the stuff but I forced it down twice a day for as long as I could (I managed to eat it twice a day for about 3-4 weeks until the constant nausea made me stop as I just couldn't stomach it anymore).

    The only other thing is that I'm making myself (and hubby's making me) be really lazy and I'm just taking it really easy whenever I get the chance. I'm also going to bed at about 8pm every night!

    I'm keeping my fingers crossed for your results next week (either that they find something easily treatable or nothing at all) and hope that you're ready to start ttc soon.

    Jaimep xx:\)
  • Thats great news about your scan, bet you were so relieved! Not long to go now till your next one, so just make sure you carry on looking after yourself, sounds like you've got a great hubby there too!

    Take care,
    Caroline xx
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