BFP after 19 months

Hi Guys
Haven't been on for AGES as my old username (Sianiblew) wouldn't work so had to set up new account!! I had mmc in June 2007 and have been ttc ever since. Just to let you know I have finally got a bfp...and by telling others I know it gives hope.

Very nervous it will all go wrong - numerous health issues stacked against me but trying to be optimistic!!



  • awww hunni, congrats on ur bfp!!!! try not to stress too much, take it easy and i have my fingers firmly crossed for you!!!! sending lots and lots of sticky baby dust ur way and ((((HUGS))))), oh btw any chance ur from brum??? lol!!! i am too!!!! xxxxx
  • Congratulations! I really hope everything goes well for you this time - you surely deserve it after so long ttc and your sad loss.

    Take care, NN xx
  • Wow congrats. Dat reali gives me some hope. I had a mmc in Jan 2008 nd bin ttc eva since wit no luck. Hope it goes well for u.
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