Im back!!

Hi everyone, I had a mc at end of october & its been so hard trying to deal with it all.
My partner and I have been hving problems & arguing all the time, so a couple of days ago he decided to move out as we have a 2yr old daughter & none of this is right for her.
I noticed today that my priod was lateso done a test and it was positive!!!! Im scared of being pregnant incase i have another mc and also because things are not good between my oh and me.
I didnt tell him that I was pregnant, I told him that my period was late, and he freaked out.
Im now so confused, I have no idea what to do image

Kirsty x


  • Hi Karen, thanx for your reply, its nice to know that smeone understands how im feeling.
    I really do want this baby and dont want to do anything to put that at risk, I just wish i could feel happy & that my oh was the same.

    He is coming round lata so im going to sit and talk to him, I know it was a shock for us both as I wasnt expecting to fall preg so soon after the mc. It was the mc that has put such a strain on our relationship & I think to be honest we are both scared of what will happpen with the baby & if our relationship can survive this. I know I will cope as a single parent if I have too but I love my oh and would rather have him here, my daughter misses him so much, as do I.

    Sorry to go on a bit, I do know how to talk, lol.

    Thank you for your reply & support, it means alot.

    Kirsty x
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