were your symptoms different?

Hello ladies,

g/c from lttc and ttc after mc, and I've been wondering for the last few weeks if you have similar symptoms in mc and happy pregnancies or if they're quite different...

I'm an awful symptom spotter (in terms of analysing everything in the 2ww) and tend to get really depressed quite early on if I don't have anything I see as positive / what happened last time - really thirsty, sore boobs, tiredness and hunger in the 2ww...

Mmmm re-reading this I sound a bit like a loon!! But would still be interested to hear your experiences image


  • Hi Hun. I was pregnant from march to may tHis year and went for 12 week scan but baby had died at 9 weeks. Prior to the 9 week Mark I had terrible sickness but that was all and then it stopped at 9 weeks. I was busy with my wedding that I never thought about it but I didn't feel pregnant anymore. I am now 11+2 and have been having tons of symptoms and am still being sick, my boobs are huge, I'm getting a bump, can't sleep etc so my two pregnancies have been majorly different so far. Are you still ttc at minute? Or are you on the two week wait? X
  • Hi hun,
    I had miscarriages last year in August and October and I am now 37+6. I had sore boobs on and off, would poke at them constantly to check them! The soreness did disappear with miscarriages and as hoping2tryagain said I didn't feel pregnant any more. But then again, that has happened lots in this pregnancy too! I had no sickness or other symptoms so found it hard to believe that this pregnancy would last.
    Wishing you lots of luck! xx
  • Hiya,
    When i was pg before i had my mc i had a little nausea and tiredness and major cramps.

    This time around i didn't have any symptoms. The nausea didn't start until i had found out and then the tiredness and sore boobs kikced in too so in my case totally different.


  • Thanks for your replies ladies - it's made me feel a lot more optimistic that I don't have to have exactly the same symptoms as before!! Hoping2tryagain, yep I'm in the 2ww - currently 9dpo and have felt really depressed and lacking all pma this last week, so fully expecting af on the 31st. We've been trying for 20 months, with one mc last September and nothing since.
    Thanks again B
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