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HI there Im new!!!

Hello I had a miscarriage in January and its been hard but now my due date is coming up (4th Aug) im ready to start trying again....but iv been on the depo injection for the last 6 months.

Anyone been on this and how long did it take for u to concieve?? my next app for heijection is end of aug - if i dont have this then am i clear of contrceception???

Any advice will be great... a bit confused!!



  • Hi Hun, don't have experience of injections or anything but wanted to welcome you and say good luck with ttc. X
  • Ah thanks hun really nice to be replied to!!

  • sorry I've never had injection, but good luck. maybe go and ask the question in the general TTC forum or preg as there's more women in there who might know the answer?
  • Hi babytalk,
    I was on the injection from April 2008 but then didn't have the one that was due in the Feb of 2009 so all in all about 10 months as you have them every 3 months but it took till the end of August for my af's to reappear. I managed to fall pg in Feb/March this year but had mc at end of March having been ttc since after the wedding in Jan. I don't know if the mc was just the pregnancy not meant to be or if there was still a little bit of the injection left over. Some people don't have their first af till after nearly 2 years of stopping.
    I know I'm never going to have the injection again as it mucked my body up so much.
    I hope that has answered your question xx
  • I think it depends on the individual.

    I was on depo for about a year, when I was due my top up injection in Oct 07 I didnt have it & my AF arrived on new years eve so about 2 & half months later. For the nxt year my periods were really out of sync sometimes 24 day cycles & up to 45 day cycles!! During this time wasnt ttc.

    I then conceived our 1st pg in Oct 08 so exactly a year after coming off depo, but please remember for most of that year bar a couple of months we wasnt ttc. We lost that baby but I dont beleive it had anything to do with the depo as we then lost another 3 babies after that!!!

    I would consider going back on the injection for a little while between our baby that is on the way & n.o 2 if we are lucky enough to have another one.

    Good Luck hun. xxx
  • Hey there

    I had my last depo injection before a Christmas (can't remember when, but it was about 4 years ago) and my periods pretty much returned four weeks after the depo injection wore off. I think I must have been lucky cos my periods were regular from then on in, whereas I know that lots of ladies have irregular periods after the depo.

    It never really affected my ttc'ing cos I stopped the injection on the advice of my GP - I'd been on it for over 5 years and as my mum and her sisters have osteoporosis he advised switching to another kind of protection.

    Good luck with the ttc xxx
  • Thanks ladies for ur experiences of the depo.... its something i would never go on again...

    we are going to start ttc now and let nature take its course although im guna worry like mad...after what has happened!

    J x x

  • Hi hun, after 12 weeks you'll no longer be covered on the depo. When AF returns etc is down to the individual's body. There's no evidence that it can contribute to mc as far as i know.

    Good luck!
  • Hello everyone im back and stl not pregnant :cry::cry::cry::cry: I just dont know what to do anymore.........on the day my af is due and comes i just feel soooo numb!

    I have heard aout preseed so guna give that a try!!!


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