Hi Ladies, I just wanted to give you some positive news. I'm 12 weeks today!
OMG I'm so happy! I have panicked and worried through everyday, had 4 early scans and generally been a bit of a wreck but I'm hoping this bean is now here to stay.
After mc last June there have been times when I have honestly thought I would never get to this point. Just hope I start to relax at least a teeny bit now!

Got my booking in appt with MW later too! This is such a great day! Official 12 week scan on Tues!
Good luck to all who are pg after mc, it is so worrying, I don't think anyone who hasn't been through it can truly understand.


  • godd for you glad you so happy.i know its a milestone and thank god everything ok. i love posts like this they give us gals a lot of hope XXXXX
  • so happy things are going well for you hunni!!! we've all been in the same boat and know how it feels to get to that magical milestone!!! hope you'll be posting piccies on tuesday after ur scan!!!!

  • Really happy for you. xx
  • hi BabyB
    i've been looking out for you and am so pleased to see that you've got to this stage and just wanted to wish you all the best for tomorrow's scan. good luck! x
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