Look at what im growing....


After 3miscarraiges and 18 long months ttc, i think we may of finally did it!!!!! Our little man looks 100% perfect and i still cant believe it - i never dared believe everything would be ok, all ive done is worry for the past 7months, even though its been horrible this makes it worth it!

I hope i can give all of you in the early stages of your pregnancy hope - stay positive - it will be ok!



  • Grrr - just wrote a post and BE lost it. V irritating!

    He's amazing Woomummy! You're so clever!

    I have to say you really do give me hope. I have had 2 mc's (although one was 8 years ago and gp says doesn't count...?!?!) and whenever I worry that I can't have children I think of you and remember that having mc's doesn't mean it is impossible and one day it will happen.

    Congrats hun. xxx
  • Congratulations woomummy. You must be so pleased! What a relief after everything you have been through. Hopefully we will all be looking at our babys own scans soon! Well done!
    Lilou x
  • Oh Baby B - Youl have me in tears so dont...! It an utter priviledge though if you think that - to give you any hope is a amazing feeling for me as i know how desperate i was for it at the beginning. But your right, DONT give up, stay positive for your little beanie, theres no reason this time isnt the one image xxxx

    Lilou cant tell you how much of a relief it is - even after my 12 and 20wk scan ive been utterly petrified that something will happen, but as i said before i may start believing it now, good luck hun xxx
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