Spotting - anyone else?

Hi everyone, I've not been on here for ages but have been checking in sometimes.

I m/c in Oct last year and got a PFP 2 weeks ago and am 6 weeks. About a week ago i got some brown spotting which was very light. it then stopped for 5 days and then Sunday night it started again. its really light like sort of yellowy brown and generally only when i wipe but then getting some small spots in underwear (sorry if tmi). I went to the doctors yesterday and she told me it was too early for a scan and I need to ring her on Thursday. I'm not even sure if i want a scan as if i saw hb an then everything went wrong would be too heartbreaking.

I guess i just need to let off some steam cos i'm n limbo and I just don't know what going on. One minute i'm trying to reassure myself that its just one of those things and lots of people get spotting and the next i'm sure its a sign and then on top of it all trying to keep calm and look after myself just in case everything is ok but finding it hard to eat and sleep. Its just bringing everything back from last time the being scared to go to the toilet, wondering if any twinge is a sign etc.

Sorry for going on just needed to get it off my chest.



  • Thanks Mummy Mog. It really helps knowing i'm not the only worry wart!

    Just had a bit of blood this morning and it was really really light brown. This is differnt to my mc which started with pinky blood so i'm hoing that this is just "one of those things". I'm ringing the dr tomorrow and she is going to book me in for a scan so i'll just have to see.

    Thanks so much for your support the bit about whacking it on the head really made me chuckle!

  • Hi Littlemo,

    I miscarried last april at 11 weeks, which started with light brown spotting, it turned out that I had a blighted ovum and so it had actually happened very early on in the pregnancy, however my body decided to alert me almost 3 months into it which was an abosoute heartbreaker. 5 weeks after my miscarriage, I fell pregnant again and I was a nervous wreck! I was 7 weeks when at a friends wedding when i went to the loo and saw bright red blood and plenty of it, and as most women on this site will say, if you see red it's bad, and going from my very recent and raw experience, I expected the worst. I was reffered to the EPU, where amazingly we saw a heartbeat, and our baby was unruffled by the bleeding. I actually spotted brown/red stringy stuff for 2 weeks after the initial bleed but after several scans, it settled down and the baby was continuing to grow at a healthy rate. I'm now 36+3

    I don't think anything will make you calm; it's impossible, and until you have the facts you just won't know how to deal with it. I know it's a difficult waiting game, but you will get through it no matter what happens.

    I really hope it's a false alarm as it was with me.

    best of luck xx

  • Thanks Suzi Q. I can't believe you went through that experience before but i'm so glad everything has worked out for you.

    I'm having a scan on wed so fingers crossed!

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