anyone gotten pg before advised to after methotrexate???


was treated for ectopic with methotrexate in october & just finished AF who took forever to arrive. Now i know i can get pg again i am terrified of letting hubby near me in case we accidently fall pg ijust have towink at him & im gone. I know you prob all thinking er contraception but i'm still scared of what would happen if it didnt work, so if this happened to any of ye please canyou tell me what happened & what are the dangers of conceiving shortly after taking it? I had one 100mg dose orally.

thanks in advance.


  • didn't want to r&r hun, i've never had an ectopic, but when i had my medical management in hosp there was a bit of info in the pack they gave me advising not to get pregnant 4 12 months after taking methotrexate, and when i worked in a pharmacy we were not allowed to touch the tablets whilst dispensing them, so i would book an appt with ur gp or epu to get some more indepth advice, better to be safe than sorry hunny!!!! i completely understand the contraception worry, my youngest was conceived whilst i was using contraception!!! maybe try using 2 types??? just to be on the safe side??? hope this helps (((HUGS))) xxx
  • hi thanks for your reply. they told me 6 months & most others on here 3 but seems i had higher dose than them, i know that some people take it long term for rheumotism (sp??) or something like that & they must wait longer. I have asked EPU at the time why is soooo bad & they will not tell me just that it kills cells. I wasnt allowed touch them either had to take 10 down the hatch out of little cup which makes you think what the f=ck have i put into my body!!!

  • Ack, sorry double post!

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  • Hi katyjo, sorry to gatecrash, but I thought I might be able to help you understand methotrexate a little bit.

    It inhibits the use of folic acid by the body. As well as preventing spina bifida (allowing the spine to close properly), folic acid is essential for making DNA and when cells divide. Cells divide in order to multiply eg a) in a growing embryo which is making loads of new cells all the time, each of which need a copy of the DNA or b) in a cancerous tumour where cells multiply out of control. Methotrexate prevents dividing cells from replicating their DNA, and so kills the cells. This is why methotrexate can be used as an anti-cancer drug, to stop tumours getting bigger and is used to help the body begin a miscarriage when a pregnancy cannot continue. The reason you need to wait for it to completely leave your body before TTC again is so that is doesn't interfere with the growth (cell division) of your new healthy embryo.

    I hope that makes sense! If not, just give me a shout and I'll try to explain it better.

    Good luck, hun xx
  • Hi Katyjo

    I have had 2 ectopics and two doses of Metho. Dr told me exactly 3 months untill we could ttc again (both times). If you read up on Metho it apperantly leaves your body very quickly (within 48 hours or so i'm told). Im not sure of the "standard" dose but if you have 2 doses within a week they tell you to wait 6 months. My last injection was on Aug 27 2007 and I am currently 4w1d preggos (with Dr's approval). I am praying to see a yolk sac next week on my 2nd US.

    Hope this helps!
  • Hey honey... i chuckled when i logged on and saw this!!!!

    Happy new year to you, hope you had a good christmas. Ive not been on here for ages, cos just needed to get my head straight and let the "3 months" go without too much stress, but like you, i've started to think about the dreaded ttc again! nice to log on here and find that your in the same boat... im still a bit undecided, im going on holiday in Feb so maybe then, but ive only had 1 af since my surgery and meth, i guess i'll have to wait for another first anyway...

    what have you decided?

    awwh, glad to be back on here... what are the rest of the girls doing? any BFP i should know about?

    Gem x

  • Hi guys,

    thanks girls for your replies have only just seen them!
    astraad thanks for that & yes it does make sense! how are you keeping? i hope when you say gatecrashing youve come from a pg forum & nothing happened that has you on here???

    Miranda hi i replied to your thread in mc/ec support before i saw you replied to me! please let us know how you scan goes, rooting for you. ;\)

    Gem my lovely i have just replied to your thread!

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