cautiously joining you

Hello everyone,
I am cautiously joining you from TTC after MC/ectopic. I am not brave enough to join DIA yet but it would be nice to chat to people in my position so thought I would join here if that's ok :\)

So I'm pregnant again after my MMC in May and i'm absolutely petrified!! I cannot stop worrying about having a MC again, i'm sure you have all felt like this! I keep obsessing about symptoms and if I wake up feeling slightly normal then I panic myself into thinking my baby has died :cry:
my last MC has really ruined this part of pregnancy for me and now all I want is to miss this bit out and go straight to 12 weeeks. i'm 5+2 today and it feels like ive got such a way to go, i'm debating booking an early scan but I know that this will not make everything ok, as if something is going to go wrong it will. Please tell me that the obsessing over symptoms stops and that I will be able to enjoy my pregnancy? xxxxx

Charlotte and Beanie 5+2 xxx


  • Hi Charlotte,

    Welcome to our little group! And congrats!

    Obsessing over symptoms doesn't really stop, but I've found that I've relaxed quite a bit... I'm 10+5 now, and got to wait till 13+1 for my scan, so still a bit longer to worry!

    Oh, and I'm not officially joining DIM until I've had my scan, but I am posting on occasional threads over there, mainly from the girls who are also on this forum.

    Also, it's a bit hard to "enjoy" the first trimester, as you are either feeling sick and knackered, or you are stressing out over lack of symptoms (which is not a problem, some people are just lucky!).

    Best wishes,
  • Oh hun congratulations image

    I know exactly how you feel. I had a MMC in May too and jumped into DIA way to soon. I was sent for an early scan by my doctor and now my head is wrecked. I have had two scans both inconclusive and in sat here in total limo. They keep telling me thats its fine as its too ealry but I know my dates.
    I wish I had waiting to the 12 week scan as it may all be ok and all this worrying is for nothing or if the worst happens at least I will know in the one day without all this.

    Sorry for rambling just wanted to say im sure all will be ok and to try and relax. I hope to see you over in DIA very soon xxx
  • congratulations!!! it really does get easier after first tri, but that time waiting for 12week scan really does drag I'm afraid. just try to keep yourself busy and distracted as much as you can.
  • Hi hun, welcome image

    I was like you and didn't announce my BFP on here till I was 8 weeks gone, and then joined DID after that.

    I was petrified in the early days but after seeing my little bean at 8 weeks (private early scan) and 13 weeks, I did start to relax, I have been very fortunate (touch wood) to not have had any discharge/bleeding this time and have had some morning sickness etc... Sitting here at 21+2 I am definitely enjoying every moment of my pregnancy, and you will get there too image

    Love MrsH and little pud 21+2 xxx
  • Thanks for all your replies of reassurance! I've started to get morning sickness and I feel a lot different this time around so fingers crossed all is as it should be at the moment! I guess what will be, will be, so instead of panicking about things going wrong I should just try to enjoy it, thanks again for your replies and glad your pregnancies are going well. Babylove, I really hope everything turns out ok for you, its unfair for you to have to go through that twice, fingers tightly crossed for you! xxxx
  • Congratulations.

    Like Gem & MrsH say the 1st trimester is the hardest I think. Once you get past this you will probably start to feel more relaxed and enjoy it more.

    All the best xxx
  • Congrats image

    Yep it does get easier and you do start to enjoy pg as time progresses, but like the other ladies say the 1st trimester is the hardest as there's so much to contend with. You'll probably find that you relax more once this passes.


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