longer af after mc?

Hey ladies

quick question

did any of you experience a longer visit from af after your mc? Af arrived last monday, thought she'd buggered off yesterday but she appears to be back again today.



  • Yes, my first af after my first mc was really heavy and painful and went on for longer than usual. They said that was normal.

    ~ NN xx
  • thank you for your replies.

    its good to know that its normal to have longer af after mc. i suppose i've been lucky in that my af hasn't been painful and was only heavy for the first couple of days and since then has been a bit sporadic but its driving me mad on cd14 today and she's still here.

    I did an ov test tonight though and got a 2nd line, its fainter than the control line so I'm def not oving but i've just been getting one line on them so I suppose at least I know my hormones seem to be doing what they're meant to be.

    well its a week on (cd21) and I've still got af, and to be honest I'm getting pretty hacked off with her. I'm seriously starting to think that there's something wrong with me.


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